Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

it was

"did you know it was not about liberty?"
"it mustave been stacy then"
"oh no.. it couldnt be stacy"
"yes it was.... stacy is the one..."
"the one who???"
"you know.. did ... it"
"what do you mean........ it?????"
it was blue with dots and ridges. the purpose of it is..was not known..

Thursday, July 26, 2007


It was a diabolical plan to bring down the industrialized world. A mad pseudo scientist launched an abstraction that negated all the springiness from the world. The world toppled. All Guitars and the drums stopped playing. The bridges came down. Hammocks fell apart. Mrs Khatri's car ride to the market was a very very bumpy one. They say she got scores of sores. The cities are filled with things that wont flex anymore. His name was Knubal T Gutaew.
"how did you know that i am the daughter of a thousand fiery suns?"
"look at your T shirt"
"its getting late..forget the gherkins. We need to start a fyre. And you better be good with that..." "st@p..mmmmgrph..."
"its them ....dont even whisper....they are tracking you down by your of them even has a conculator"
The Patrol(a.k.a TP) were in charge of search and mollify. They did do a lot more mollifying than searching. And they loved a drink called smuts skinky. It was made of 2 parts distilled apricot 3 parts wandering mans navel musk and a quarter part of banana liqeur. It was a prerequisite to entry to TP. The car had windows in red and maroon and a bumper sticker that said 'stick it'

Sunday, July 22, 2007

they meet

"oh yes, that is the right way to go"
"Stop i want gherkins and jalapenos"
"stupid fiesty bitch"
"owww.. what the fuck was that for"
"hey i just had it braided this morning.. stop yanking daughter of a thousand fiery sons"...
it continued in this fassion for another 322.56 seconds..
the watch kept count.. it was a new watch.. well actually a refurbished one.. they cant make new watches anymore...the springs have become extinct...